He had to take his nephew to a dinosaur exhibit on his only day off. Nuff said.


An impromptu visit to his store by his regional manager Keisha illustrates the dangers of being trapped inside the break-room with nowhere to hide.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when breakfast is shared with someone like Sandra’s husband, the cost-benefit analysis reveals the value of that meal is highly suspect.


Navigating the complex emotions surrounding his father’s new wife, Duncan’s story of survival is a horrifying example of what can happen to any of us.


It started off like any other day, but his story of survival reminds us that something as innocuous as a morning commute can quickly turn into a waking hellscape.


Like many of us, her story of survival involves excruciating pain, someone she works with, and her favorite restaurant.


As a single working mom of a teenager, Kimberly has certainly been through enough, but driving her daughter to school after missing the bus quickly devolved into a journey to hell and back.


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